Update: I'm not using this box anymore. Here's a review of my current setup.

My sound-absorbing computer box

We all know how irritating it is with computers that sounds like jetplanes. We also know how irritating it is to turn off computers because you need to sleep. Then you have to wait for incredible amounts of time (like.. several minutes! :-) ) for the computer to get ready when you need to compute in 30 seconds in the morning.

So.. what's the solution? You may try buying expensive silent computer cases like "The Whisper" from Lap Power, if you live in Sweden. You may also build your own computer box where you put your computer. That's what I've done. It's cheaper, and sometimes the results gets better.

Here's a xfig drawing of the box. I hope you find it as amusing as it was to draw it :-) My computer box - the

Some remarks:

Some pictures of the box are available here

There are other approaches to the problem. Here is one of them.