Now, that's a catchy title! :-)


Somewhere around the summer of 2005, I started investigating Content Managegement Systems (commonly referred to by the acronym CMS) to find a replacement for the home-built PHP-based CMS we used at my former place of work, Cendio AB.

After evaluating several alternatives, I came to the conclusion that Plone was the way to go. Since then, I've successfully implemented the web site of Cendio AB, as well as my own playground site, (the place where you're reading this) in Plone.

Worth to note is that my personal site has since then been converted to Django, as I grew tired of Plone. Cendio's site has also been converted off Plone.

There are a lot of documentation for Plone, but I had trouble finding documentation that was down to earth enough to fulfill my needs. A lot of the documentation is on a very high level, assuming that the reader knows a lot of things already. Also, I found it hard to find documentation that was targeted to people already experienced in web programming using other frameworks - i.e., documentation aimed at people already being skillned programmers.

I'll try to contribute to the Plone community by trying to write some documentation aimed at this audience.

This documentation is written presuming you're running a UNIX-ish operating system such as Linux. Most of the instructions are probably applicable if you run your Plone on Windows or Macintosh as well, but no effort has been done to verify this.

The instructions in this document are tested against Plone 2.1.


Getting Started with Plone Development
Explaining how to get started with filesystem-based Plone development.
Doing efficient File System Based Development with Plone
Explaining the debug-mode and auto-refresh.