Erik's linux page

Erik's linux page

Linux information for beginners and advanced users

Erik Forsberg

Hi and welcome to my page about Linux - most of it from the beginners point of view, but with some more or less advanced tips too. I try to update this page often,, but since I'm quite a busy person, sometimes it may take a month or two. Please sign my Guestbook and tell me what you think about this page if you're visiting the HTML version. Or, send me a mail, by clicking here

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If you've been here before, you will notice the layout has changed. I'm now using the DocBook DTD instead of the linuxdoc DTD. I hope you like the new style, it's smaller pages so hopefully it's faster for modem users.

Thanks to a cool guy in China there's now a chinese version of this document available here.

Since the most frequently asked question I get in mail regarding this page is "Where can I download a printable copy of this document?" I decided I should add a more easily located place. Here it is.

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Table of Contents
1. About Erik Forsberg, and the document
General information
Authors address
Getting this document
Changes in this document
2. Some general words about Linux, mostly for new users.
Some words about Linux..
Is there any software for Linux ?
Sure it's nice with free software, but where do I get any support ?
Aren't there any commercial software ?
Some words about partitions, Linux way of accessing (E)IDE disks, Linux way of using partitions and some other talk..
What's all this about partitions, boot sectors etc ?
OK, now I understand what a partition is.. how do I use it ? How do I access C: ? (Or, the mount thing)
Using MSDOS floppies - the easy way
Moving, Copying or deleting files on a MSDOS floppy
Some other commands for the beginner
More talk about commands and programs
I just installed a program, but now I can't find it. Help!
I don't remember the name of a command. Help!
Dealing with user rights in the filesystem.
The rights for this file.
Changing the rights for a file...
Booting Linux with LILO
How LILO works
An example lilo.conf file, for a computer with win95 and Linux installed.
Virtual Terminals - VT's
Environment variables
What is an environment variable good for ?
How do I set/unset an environment variable, and how do I view them ?
What more or less important variables are there ?
Shell scripts
Type in a test script
Make the script run.
What did we do ?
if, for, case
Linux configuration
How ? Global and User settings
Where ?
The system init files (or, "Where is the autoexec.bat file ?")
Runlevel specific files
BASH's init files
What is setup in the files ?
Customizing your prompt.
Using your mouse - gpm
The mouse server, gpm.
OK, it's running, what can I do ?
Daemons ?
What's a daemon ?
What daemons are there ?
There are so many directories, I don't understand the file structure !
Setting up a PPP connection to your ISP
Basic setup.
Nameservers, /etc/resolv.conf
ISP Specific settings
The secrets file.
Some examples of /etc/ppp/provider and /etc/ppp/pap-secrets
Doing things periodically - Using CRON
The CRON daemon
The crontab command
Environment variables and file rights.
Accessing a computer in a secure way - SSH
telnet, rsh, rlogin
3. Some other Linux information, perhaps not for the new user
Modules, who are they, and how do they work ?
The tools used.
How do I make modules?
A script to turn off the 'beep'
Using your printer in an intelligent way
How it works.
Where do I get it ?
Slow loading X or X clients (netscape or similar) ?
BackSpace not working in X ?
No colours in your file listings ?
How to find a program for a specific purpose ?
Date and time in Emacs status bar
Changing your caps lock into Ctrl in X
4. Some links to other information sources
Where to get Linux
CDROM Vendors
FTP sites containing Linux.
Linux/UNIX links, in no particular order.
Programming links (almost only about 'C')
Other links, useful places, useful programs etc..
5. Compiling your kernel
Why should I compile my own kernel? What do I need?
Why should I compile my own kernel?
OK, so now I've decided to compile my own kernel, what do I need?
So, now I have the source, what do I do?
Configuring the kernel
Compiling the kernel
Installing and booting the new kernel
6. Thanks to..