Sometimes I write documentation or give presentations. I try to keep most of it online here.


Plone Development Explained

Plone is very well documented, but I found it hard to find documentation aimed at programmers already fluent in Python and experienced with web frameworks.

This is my attempt to fill that gap. Please note that it's work in progress, and I'm in the beginnings of writing it, so currently, it doesn't cover very much.

Two Domains, One Plone
Some quick notes on how to configure Plone and Apache to serve two domains in two different languages using one Plone instance running LinguaPlone.
Creating and Editing Plone Content in ReStructured Text using Emacs
A small HOWTO on how to edit contents in ReStructured Text using Emacs in a form suitable for upload to Plone.


I've been using Linux since somewhere around 1996. Over the years, I've gathered some of the knowledge into different documents.

Erik's book about Linux

This is a large document about Linux, covering various issues that may be of interest for a beginner.

The document has not been updated since 2002 or 2003, so be aware that some things are outdated. Still, it contains a lot of interesting information, especially for beginners.

This is a FAQ I wrote while I was reading the Fidonet meeting "R20_LINUX". The document is in swedish, and has not been updated for a few years.


For several years, beginning in 1999 or 2000 when I started taking care of the mail server of Lysator ACS, mail has been a speciality of mine.

Connecting to Courier IMAP with Gnus over SSL
This is a guide to using Gnus to read mail from a Courier IMAP server via nnimap over SSL.
I held a small class on the MTA Postfix in 2002 for mail administrators at Linköping University. These are the slides from this class. In swedish.
Mail - från MUA till MUA
These are the slides from a class I held at the computer club at Högskolan i Jönköping. They are a presentation on how mail works, from a newbie perspective. In swedish.

Version Control Systems

I've been interested in version control systems for several years. I'm using CVS and Subversion on a daily basis, and I'm thinking about trying Mercurial.

Versionshantering för den Yrvakne
This is the slides from an UppLYSning I held about version control with CVS, on a newbie level. In swedish.

Reverse Engineering of RDP

Reverse Engineering and Implementation of the RDP 5 Protocol
During my Master Thesis Work, I reverse-engineered the Remote Desktop Protocol, version 5. This is the Master Thesis Report, including details on tools and techniques used, as well as a close to complete protocol specification of RDP 5.

Misc. Stuff

My Sound-Absorbing Computer Box

When I lived in a student dorm, my apartment had only one room, and I had to sleep in the same room as my computer. And you really can't turn a computer off, can you? :-) The solution was to build a rather monstrous box to muffle the noise of my computer.

Note: I don't use this box anymore. I've sold it, since I now have a more quiet computer, and also because the computer is not located in my bedroom anymore, not to mention that I'm becoming less nerdy - I can actually imagine turning off computers now and then..

Here's a Review of my current quiet computer setup