Sometimes, there's a Product Just For You

Today, the marketing person at work came and told me that he wanted a signup form for a usergroup meeting we’re planning. Something simple that mailed him with the relevant information.

  • “OK, I’ll go see if I can fix something like that..”

I had heard about PloneFormMailer earlier, so I did some quick research on it, including asking on #plone to verify that it works in Plone 2.1, and installed it in my staging instance.

It solved my problem perfectly!

This is one of the things I like about plone - very often, someone else has already solved the web publishing problem you’re having right now, and you can use an existing product instead of having to create your own.

PloneFormMailer uses Formulator, which also looks very interesting for some of my needs - for example, I have a custom-written product that fiddles with some LDAP values, and I could probably use Formulator or some other similar product. this HOWTO seems interesting.

Written on February 23, 2006