ViewVC is a very nice Subversion and CVS repository browsing tool for the web. Django is a very nice web application framework. Why not combine the two, resulting in the ability to add viewvc in the URL path of a django site?

For this purpose, I have created viewvc_django!


Check out with your subversion client.


Make sure the viewvc_django checkout is on your PYTHONPATH, then add something like this to your django site's

(r'^software/svn/browse/', include('viewvc_django.urls')),

The code has a template that wants to extend base.html.

Also, you probably want to replace the header.ezt and footer.ezt files in the include directory of your viewvc installation with versions where you have removed everything up to <body>, and everything before </body>, at least if your site's template defines html headers and footers. See my copies for example files.

Known Bugs/Limitations