LysCVS - a CVS server with easy administration


A CVS server with easy administration.


LysCVS is a system that provides access to CVS in an easily administered way for both local and external users. It's a bit similar to the CVS servers of Sourceforge but is hopefully easier to set up, and less complex to administrate.

LysCVS is based on the concept of "local" and "external" users where local users have the ability to create projects (that get their own cvs root) and decide whether the project should be accessible by anonymous CVS. Also, a local user can add external users with read-write access to the repository.

A local user is in the current version defined as a user that exists in NIS (A.K.A YP) and the external users are kept in a MySQL database. It's not very hard to change how to identify local users.


LysCVS is released under the GNU General Public License. Basically this means it's free to use.


You need some hardware to run your system on. You need to run a system that is supported by nss_mysql and pam-mysql. Currently, this means you are limited to Linux.

I personally run this system on an Alpha XLT/366 with 128 Mb of RAM and Debian GNU/Linux.

LysCVS administration web interface is driven by a mod_python script which means you need Apache and Python.

To protect your source code, you probably want some kind of hardware or software RAID.


DateVersionCommentCVS tag
2001-08-091.0Initial releaserel1_0
2001-09-301.0.1Bugfixes in creation of new repositories.rel1_0_1
2001-09-301.1Feature additions: Postfix integration and new convenience scripts.rel1_1

The cutting-edge development version is always available via anonymous CVS from (Guess what!) the LysCVS server at Lysator. Execute the following command sequence to download LysCVS via cvs:

cvs -d login
(press enter when asked for a password)

cvs -d co lyscvs

You can also browse the source code using ViewCVS and your web-browser.


The installation instructions looks like this. There is also some documentation of how to use the system, in Swedish, here.

The "SourceForge Installation Guide" might also be of (a more general) interest.


A non-working (static) demo of the administration web interface is here.

Future plans

Info about new releases

If you'd like to be notified about new releases of LysCVS, drop me a mail.