Yet Another SETI@home controller.

The problem

To have a SETI@home client running on your computer when you work at it can be a pain since the client is eating memory for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The solution

Run the client only when you're not using the machine.

Remembering to start and stop the client every time you leave the computer is time consuming and hard to remember. And after all, computers are there for doing things easier for us - so lets automate that task.

YASC will watch the /proc/interrupts file on any machine with Linux as its kernel and will start one or several SETI@home clients after a configurable amount of time. It will then watch the /proc/interrupts again for activity and stop the clients when such activity occurs.

YASC can watch any device as long as it generates interrupts. This includes keyboards and mice, both PS/2 and serial ones.

YASC is Free Software and released under the GNU Public License (GPL).

Why another program?

As you might have noticed, there are several other programs doing this. TkSETI is one of them, a very good program if you want a graphical view of what the client is doing. I didn't want this, I wanted something small. I trust the SETI@home project to tell me if my computer finds something interesting. The YASC will consume less than 400k of memory when idle. The amount of CPU consumed is very low since it spends most of it's life in the sleep() function.

I want this! Where do I download it?

The source code is available for download here:
Filename Version Date Comment
/media//migrated/software-YASC-YASC-0.01.tar.gz 0.012000-02-20 Initial release
/media//migrated/software-YASC-YASC-0.03.tar.gz 0.032002-05-26 Second public release with lots of added functionality.
All programming by Stanislav Sokolov.
See CHANGELOG for details.

How do I install it?

Run tar -zxvf /media//migrated/software-YASC-YASC-0.03.tar.gz to unpack the archive. Go into the YASC-0.03 directory tar just created and follow the instructions in the README file available there.

Hey, I came looking for YASC Informatik GmbH!

There is a company named YASC, you can find them here. This program is in no way affiliated with that company.

Thanks to..

Peter ├ůstrand for bug testing and comments.
Stanislav Sokolov for programming YASC 0.02 and 0.03 :-).