From time to time, I write software on my spare time. Some of it is worth releasing to the public. This page contains some examples.

ViewVC Django Integration
A Django app to integrate ViewVC in a django site.
LysCVS is my attempt to mimic the behaviour of the CVS servers of Sourceforge, although in a smaller scale. It's a combination of scripts and documentation coupled with and an administrative web interface that allows you to create a CVS server where members of your organization can create and administer CVS repositories, and share them with external users.
Yet Another SETI@HOME Controller is a daemon that enables you to run the SETI@HOME program at your computer, but only during periods when you're not sitting at the keyboard.

I've been doing all kinds of software for Lysator Academic Computer Society. Unfortunately, most of it are things that takes a lot of time to create a decent release of, for example Lysator-specific administrative web interfaces.