Narnia and Dan Brown

Just got back from watching the Narnia movie.

Great stuff. I’d say it’s not as good as, but still in the same division as Lord of the rings. A lot of beautiful scenery and heavy battle scenes. Definitely a film that you want to see in a large movie theater with good sound and large screen!

The pre-movie commercials were (among other things) for the Da Vinci Code. I may actually go see it, even though the book is irritating to read - Dan Brown simply isn’t a good writer. The story is quite OK, but his english and book-writing skills are not. I’ve actually read some of his other books as well, both Deception Point and Digital Fortress, and I have to say that both of them suck bigtime!

I hope they have managed to make the Da Vinci movie better than the book

  • with Audrey Tautou, Jean Reno and Tom Hanks, one could hope it’s not a total pain to view.
Written on January 15, 2006