Much to Read

There are so many interesting books I want to read that I often end up reading several books at once. Here’s my current list of unfinished titles:


  • George Monbiot, HEAT - How to stop the planet burning\ Very interesting study on how we can stop emitting too much carbon dioxide while still keeping most of our lifestyle. On the same matter, there’s a interesting article in todays paper about the use of ethanol as fuel for cars. In short, the article claims that since the production of ethanol consumes more energy than the amount of energy available in the fuel when it reaches the consumer, using ethanol as vehicle fuel is simply not doable. I’m not surprised. \
  • Philipp von Weitershausen, Web Component Development with Zope3\ Very well-written book on how to develop with Zope3.\
  • Bruce Tate, Beyond Java\ This author, who has been a great fan of Java for many years, comes to the conclusion that for many purposes, it’s not the best language. No shit, sherlock. \
  • Andrew Hunt and David Thomas, Pragmatic Unit Testing\ Although written with JUnit as example unit test framework, this book is supposed to contain good info on how to think when writing unit tests, regardless of which language you’re using.
  • Eric Meyer on CSS\ Interesting book on how to use CSS. \
  • Jan Guillou, Tempelriddaren\ Fiction, in swedish. It’s the second time I read it.\ \

There’s so much to learn in this world.\

Written on January 27, 2007