Let's Encrypt - connection timeout

Had a problem with the letsencrypt certificate used to secure my Home Assistant computer at home. It was not renewing.

I did get a couple of warning e-mails, which I ignored, and then noticed I could no longer connect to home assistant. There was no good error message from the Home Assistant web frontend (which is all javascript magic), but trying to connect with curl from the Linux command line, the error was very clear.

Now, I tried rerunning the certbot command manually. It bailed out with an error message about letsencrypt servrs being unable to connect to my domain name via http to verify ownership.

So that’s where I had my first D’oh moment: I had not forwarded port 80 on my router (which I fiddled with a while back), only 443.

However, fixing that did not fix the problem, even though I confirmed I could now reach the domain name via http from the internet.

The domain name had both an A and an AAAA entry, since I had it connected to IPv6 via an he.net tunnel, but I had to disable the tunnel due to problems using Netflix, which would stupidly think I was trying to circumvent their geoblocking. So there was an IPv6 address published, but it would timeout - and that caused the whole letsencrypt verification to fail. Meh.

Removed AAAA entry, waited a few minutes, reran certbot - problem fixed.

Written on March 1, 2018