efod.se - now via IPv6

I have been intrigued by IPv6 for a long time. The worldwide challenge of smoothly switching from IPv4 to IPv6 without end-users noting the switch is fascinating.

Getting IPv6 adresses for clients or servers where the IPv4 network provider doesn’t provide IPv6 natively is very easy - there are several tunnel brokers. I have two tunnels at SixXS - one to get IPv6 at home, and one to get IPv6 to my Slicehost machine (the one serving you this blog post). DNS AAAA entries have been added, so with IPv6 support on your client, you can now reach efod.se via IPv6.

However, IPv4 is still required for access, because the slicehost DNS servers that I’m using are reachable via IPv4 only.

To ensure a high nerd factor of efod.se, I have also modified django to add a footer to the end of all pages with a happy message if you’re running IPv6 :-).

Written on November 29, 2008