Are happy programmers dangerous?

I went to a seminar about Scrum today at ENEA. It was one of those “let’s have a seminar and then give people free food and beer so they buy more consultants from us” type of events.

Even more interesting was the questions after the seminar. Lot’s of people from different tech companies in Linköping. Someone said that Scrum kept the programmers happy which would produce better code. That’s probably true. Here comes the fun part - another person in the audience were worried that happy programmers would code things they thought were fun instead of the things they were supposed to do.

Hmm.. yeah, right. That’s the way it works. Or maybe not! I’d say that the risk is much bigger that bored programmers spend their time working at things they shouldn’t do.

I would really like to know where this person works, so I can avoid working there.

Written on February 26, 2009