Feed Fixed. Site Todo.

Yesterday evening was one of those frantic hacker moments when you really really want to get the piece of software you’ve been working on for a while up and running, even if it’s getting really late and you know you have to get up early the next morning. The broken feed, showing pseudo-HTML to the user, was one effect of that. Has now been fixed by use of the safe filter tag.

One interesting thing is that Google Reader thought all my entries were new, even though I made sure the timestamps in the RSS were identical. Might have had to do with the change of the GUID-values in the feed, from a $£@¡$£!! plone probably archetypes-hexadecimal thingie into the KISS solution - the URL to the entry. Planet Lysator seems to have behaved correctly, displaying only the new entry.

Lot’s of stuff still on the todo for this site, for example:

  • Better Navigation.

  • Catchier frontpage.

  • Photo album integrated with rest of site, to make it easy to link to photos from other kinds of content. A Photo feed, perhaps?

  • Make code for site available to the world.

  • A blog entry on how I converted from Plone to Django. Make conversion code available to the world - Done.

  • Some kind of more or less automatic moderation of comments, I’ve already received some spammy ones.

  • Preview in edit-mode when writing blog and CMS/content entries in reST.

  • A blog entry on why I’ve switched from Plone to Django..

All of this have to wait for another day, because now is time to sleep.

Written on September 22, 2008