Evaluating Photo Albums for Plone

  • ZPhotoSlides: Well, seems rather competent. Documentation hints about ability to read photos from file system, but how? Very hard to understand where to find that functionality. That would be very useful, though.

    Adding a ZPhotoSlidesFolder doesn’t seem to work at all, possibly because of trying to use ZPhotoSlides under Plone 2.1.

    Webpage of product seems to be quite outdated. The only “working demo” of version 2.0 gives a 404. Hmm..

  • AT Photo Album: Adding an AtPhotoAlbum object gives me a folder-like object without any possibility to edit anything. I think product is not Plone 2.1-ready.

  • ATPhoto: Doesn’t seem to have much functionality. Fails to display the single photo I added in view mode.

  • CMFPhotoAlbum: 0.5.0 fails to install due to missing navigation_properties in Plone 2.1. Trunk from SVN installs, but trying to add a Photo Album gives a 404.

    Trying to find the canonical web page for CMFPhotoAlbum seems impossible.

  • The built in photo album view in Plone 2.1 is not good enough for my demands.

Nah, I’ll stick with the album generated by Kofoto for a while. Here’s my photos.

Written on January 7, 2006