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I'm not a worm broadcaster!

Published: 2009-02-28 19:24 UTC. Tags: photography
Bear at Kolmårdens Djurpark
You talkin' to me? A Blog Challenge? Eh? (Bear, Kolmården Zoo, 2005)
I have received a "challenge". Apparently, that's something you do in the blog world. At least, that's something you do on less nerdy and more frequently updated blogs than this one.. ;-)

I'm supposed to take the sixth image in the sixth folder in my photo collection, post it here with a comment, and then challenge six other people to do the same thing.

But.. that's an Internet Worm. Naturally, being a responsible computer scientist, I can't help spreading a virus! This blog post is an antivirus.

Still, I'm more than happy to show you, dear reader, some of my pictures. I'll even write a comment for each and every one of them, following the rules of the challenge to some point..

Boats, Nessebar, Bulgaria
The owner of these boats obviously found a theme. Nessebar Bulgaria. Don't go there, it's a horrible touristish place
Sunroofs, Nessebar, Bulgaria
Sunshades in the morning. Again, this is from Nessebar, Bulgaria, where you should not go since it's full of tourists and restaurants that all have EVERYTHING as their speciality. But, if you sneak up at 0600 in the morning and spend an hour or so taking photos, you can find some nice angles..
Student with makeup, Student
       Orchestra Festival, Linköping, 2005
SOF Linköping, 2005 (Student Orchestra Festival).
This horse was having lot's of fun, rolling around on the ground. But now it's decided it's time for some serious.. running around all over the place!

Bah.. getting tired of finding/scaling images. I could keep on for a while, with over 11000 images in my image database..

This will have to do. Not spreading this virus further by challenging any other bloggers, at the same time maintaing a high level of nerdyness!


Autumn in Sweden

Published: 2007-11-18 19:56 UTC. Tags: photography

Went for a walk in Tinnerö Eklandskap yesterday.

Autumn in Sweden


Must.. Have.. New.. DIGITAL SLR!

Published: 2006-11-26 12:29 UTC. Tags: photography

My neighbours (and friends) Ola and Karin just got their Canon EOS 400D.

Boy, that piece is WAY FASTER than my poor EOS 300D. It's probably so much faster that I'll have to upgrade.

The lack of speed on the 300D, when taking pictures in serial or when viewing them on the display is very irritating, but it seems like Canon has managed to beef up the processing speed to fully acceptable levels in the 400D, even for RAW images.

Photography is one of these hobbies where the risk of having to open up your wallet now and then is very high..

Update: Oops, raised the Canon model number +50 by mistake =).


Yet Another Beatiful View

Published: 2006-10-07 22:59 UTC. Tags: photography

I was on a business trip to the east coast of Sweden last week. I took one photo from a place called Timmernabben.

It's very much the type of beautiful view you'll see in everybody's album :-). It almost looks like it's rendered using 3D Studio..

Larger version here


Getting up Early in the Morning on Weekends..

Published: 2006-09-28 21:14 UTC. Tags: photography

...can sometimes be rewarding. Sunday morning this week I went up at 7 in the morning and got into the car driving down to the summer hut. The image to the right is one of the results.

Early autumn mornings can be very nice. Just cold enough to remind you it's autumn. Very quiet. Very beautiful.


A Small Collection of Wallpapers

Published: 2006-09-05 22:09 UTC. Tags: photography

I've started to collect some of my photos for use as wallpapers. Check out for the three photos I've added so far.


Concert Photos

Published: 2006-05-17 22:14 UTC. Tags: photography

The excellent male choir Lihkören offered me two free tickets to their spring concert at the end of April in exchange for me taking some photos from the Concert. This was an offer I couldn't refuse! :-)

Not only Lihkören were performing on this concert, the A Capella group Riltons Vänner were there as their guests. That was a very pleasant surprise - I really have to recommend this group, they do fantastic music!

My photos from this concert can be found here